A little about us

Creation Among Angels

Welcome to partner and invest with Yorkshire Holdings, a world of fun, adventure and profit awaits you.

A group of great economists and investors created a collection so that you can be in a place of peace and trust economically in your business and capital, and named it Yorkshire Holding.

We are a globally integrated company in the field of energy, petrochemicals & Dried Fruits.

We are also a supplier of choice for our customers, providing innovative solutions for communities and customers in need of energy and related products.

We are proud to hold the following beliefs:

- A reliable partner

- Unique variety of energy products

- Shipping to all ports in the world

- Guaranteed quality based on global standards

-Timely delivery

- Professional and honest advice

- Competitive prices

Backed by a presence in Yorkshire’s biggest international businesses and consultancies, we know exactly what’s important to our clients, especially when there’s so much choice, and that’s just one of the reasons we’re here.

And that’s when opportunities present themselves, and that’s why we encourage you to do so,And we are a team by your side to achieve your goals.

We are proud to be with you to celebrate our collaboration,And we are sensitive to our customers’ operating costs