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Welcome to live and invest in Yorkshire Holding, a world of fun, adventure and profit awaits you.
A group of prominent business owners, prominent economists and investors created a collection so that you can be at a point of peace and trust in your business and capital from an economic point of view, and they named it Yorkshire Holding.
We are a globally integrated energy, petrochemical and food company.
We are also a supplier of choice for our customers, providing innovative solutions for communities and customers in need of energy and related products.
We are proud to hold the following beliefs:

  • A reliable partner
  • Unique variety of energy products
  • Shipping to all ports in the world
  • Timely delivery
  • Professional and honest advice
  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed quality based on global standards
Nuts and snacks

Nuts and snacks

Nuts and snacks are universal and of course delicious
Truly, you can't miss the authentic taste of pistachios and nutritious dates and delicious biscuits
We recommend our suggestions for this unique food collection in packaging and international standards

  • Pistachios
  • Dates
  • Biscuit
Plastic Industry Raw Material

Plastic Industry Raw Material

A complete range of the best plastic raw materials in the world
From automotive industries to technology industries
We are ready for very large orders

  • Ethylene polymers
  • Styrene polymers
  • Polypropylene polymers or other olefins
  • Polyethers , epoxides and polyesters
  • Plastic containers and products
  • Cellulose and its chemical derivatives
Petrochemical products(chemical)

Petrochemical products (chemical)

We proudly claim to be the supplier of the best Urea-N46 in the world

Unique quality, competitive price and delivery in all ports of the world

Packaging based on customer orders

  • Urea-N46
  • Urea-NPK
  • Sulphur
Oil and gas materials

Oil and Gas Materials

Yorkshire Holding, a leading supplier of world-class energy
Along with a wide range of oil and gas shipments and can be provided in all ports of the world (order in the form of email and LOI)
Oil and gas materials :

  • Gas oil (Diesel fuel)
  • Bitumen
  • Jet fuel
  • Naphtha
  • LPG
  • Paraffine
  • Vaseline
  • Base oil
  • Engine Oil (Lubricants)


Order Procedures

We see our customers as our business partners.
Yorkshire Holding reviews and provides all Ex-Work, FCA, FOB and CIF terms based on the buyer's request.
All conditions (types of loading methods) and packages are provided to the port of destination according to the negotiations.
Due to the many requests, please send the request in the form of LOI in the first step, and then our professional experts will follow up the work steps.
In the first step, it is necessary to get detailed information about the inquiry as Letter of Intent-LOI.
Global standard of quality, prompt delivery and reasonable price at destination means we are considered as a full time supplier to our loyal customers.

  • Providing products with global standards and qualities
  • Commitment to benefiting our customers
  • Continuous and friendly communication with customers
  • Trying to satisfy our business partners

01. IDEA

We see our customers as our business partners



Please send LOI due to numerous requests



Ex-Work, FCA, FOB and CIF conditions are checked



Standard with higher quality than the world level

The promise we have with you

We are here to help you make the most of the available opportunities, and we take this responsibility seriously.
Our countless awards show that we continue our commitment

Our mission:

Becoming one of the influential and leading suppliers in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical products and raw materials in the world
-Providing products with global standards and qualities
- Fair prices
- Commitment to benefiting our customers

Our vision:

- Becoming one of the most famous suppliers and suppliers in the global industry of oil and gas, petrochemical products and plastic raw materials.
- Continuous and friendly communication with customers
- Our customers are our business partners
- A wide range of products with high quality
- Trying to satisfy our business partners


Introducing the team

Ali Rouhbakhsh

PhD in Business management
Reginal Manager of Africa, Asia, America
Specialist in new investment methods

Mohammad Ali Atarnejad

PhD in International Marketing
Specialist in international trade

Mohammad Araghi

PhD in strategic management
Specialist/oil and gas expert

Hamid Rouhbakhsh

PhD programming
Expert in market analysis
Regional manager of Western Europe (Germany)

Saeed Ahmadi

Specialist in international trade
Regional manager of Eastern Europe (Romania)